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Injection Moulding

We own plastic injection machines with clamping forces ranging from 68 tons to 650tons. With years of experience our injection molding masters control well in temperature, injection pressure and speed according to part’s plastic resin and mould condition.

Our plastic injection molding capability serves a wide range of markets:

♦         Molds of Medical Devices
♦         Injection Moulds for Laboratory Disposables
♦         Automotive Parts Molds
♦         Plastic Molds of Electronics and Electrical Accessories
♦         Plastic Household Products Molds
♦         Packing and Material Handling Products Molds Tooling
♦         Multi-cavity Molds for Screw Caps
♦         Plastic Toys Molds
Parts material can be ABS, Nylon, PP, PC, PVC, PE, POM, PMMA, and PTFE etc.
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