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Unforgettable SMARTMOLDTECH company annual tourism event
Date:  2019-7-25 11:23:51

Once a year, all the employees of the SMARTMOLDTECH company traveled together again. When we learned that we can go on a trip, everyone’s heart is like this.

Let go of work, let go of troubles, we are coming to Dapeng City

Everyone swims in the sea during the hot season, barbecues, stay away from stressful work stress, relax, and stimulate enthusiasm for work and life.

The happy time is always so short, and the three-day trip ends without knowing it in our laughter and laughter. Through this tourism activity, we have enhanced the feelings among our colleagues. At the same time, we also believe that while we are relaxing, we will devote ourselves to our work with full enthusiasm and contribute to the sustained and rapid development of the SMARTMOLDTECH company’s mold business!

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