Medical 2ml 3ml 4ml EDTA K3 Vacuum Blood Collection Test Tube

Company Profile

SMARTMOLDTECH is a leading manufacturer dedicated to mechanical engineering, CNC prototype, CNC machining, injection
molding,aluminum/zinc alloy die casting, sheet-metal stamping, laser cutting and bending and finished product assembly.

In addition to being an OEM factory, we also have the capability of product research and development (R&D). There are several
industrial, mechanical and electronic design engineers in our factory. We help our customers make their ideas become final products.

we have become a One-stop Product Development Company. We are working in many different field with various types of customers from freshly startup company to well-known and established corporations.Our product cover the fields of auto parts, new energy battery parts,machinery parts, auto LED light and accessories, music stand and retail equipment, communications electronics product,
medical equipment, industrial product, household appliance and fitness equipment etc..

Manufacturing Technique

Injection mold machine

EDM Machine

CNC Pricision Machine

SMT Machine

Finished Injection molds

1. Competitive Price
2. Quick Delivery time(2-4 weeks)
3. ISO Certificated with the srtictest quality control system
4. 15 Years OEM&ODM Mould-making and Plastic processing experience
5. Advanced equipment and Skilled workers

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Our Customers


Q. I have an idea for a new product, but not sure if it can be manufactured. Can you help with mold and injection molding?
A. Yes! We are always happy to work with potential customers to evaluate the technical feasibility of your idea or design and we can advise on materials, tooling and likely set-up cost.

Q. My products have already been developed on CAD. Can you use the drawings?
A. Yes! X-P, STEP, IGES, X-T files can all be used to generate quotes of models and mould tools – this can save time and money in producing your plastic parts.

Q. Can I test my idea/product before committing to mould tool manufacture?
A. Yes, we can use CAD drawings to make models and prototyping for design and functional evaluations.

Q. What shall we do if we do not have drawings?

A. Please send your sample to our factory,then we can copy or provide you better solutions. Please send us pictures or drafts with dimensions(Length,Hight,Width),CAD or 3D STEP files will be made for you if placed order. 

Q. What type of plastic is best for my design/product?
A. Materials selection depends on the application of your design and the environment in which it will function. We will be happy to discuss the alternatives and suggest the best material for your new project.

Q. What type of mould tool do I need?

A. Mould tools can be either single cavity (one part at a time) or multi-cavity (2,4, 8 or 16 parts at a time). Single cavity tools are generally used for small quantities, up to 10,000 parts per year whereas multi-cavity tools are for larger quantities. We can look at your projected annual requirements and recommend which would be best for you.

Q. How long is the lead-time for mold? 

A. It all depends on the mold’s size and complexity. Normally, the lead time is 4 weeks to finish a new mold.

Welcome your mail and messages for more questions, we will team work to support your new projects.

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