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SmartMoldTech is a professional company of finish product design and prototype and plastic mold with 25 years histories. We are Please feel free send us the 3D drawing with STP/IGS file and your product description. We have the magic to turn it into real products, and then we will give you a quotation. If you any inquiry please contact me by email. My email:

Products MaterialPlastic: PP/ABS/PC/PS/PEEK/PVC/PMMA ect.
RunnerCold Runner/Hot Runner
Plastic Injection Machine 90T,138T,160T,168T,200T,260T,320T,400T,488T,600T,800T,1000T

Our Server

1.Plastic injection mold and metal mold making,die casting mold

2.ID design and development

3.Prototype both metal and plastic.

4.Low volume assembly and design review.

5. Mass production

6. Mechanical design

7. Finish product assembly.

Our Company Profile

CNC prototype and CNC Machining

Sheet-metal Stamping

Laser Cutting and Bending Machine

Die Casting Mold

Injection Workplace

PMMA/PC Laser Cutting Machine

Assembly Workshop

Quality Control

The Products we made before