Plastic Injection Mold Development Features

Plastic Injection Mold Development Features

There are many features on plastic injection mold development in China, the following are some of them.

1,Long technological process and limited manufacturing time
For plastic injection parts, most of them are composed into complete parts with other parts. And in many cases, other parts have been finished, urgently waiting for plastic parts. The requirements for shape and dimensional precision of products are high, and characteristics of resin materials are varied. Repeat trial and modification are needed after manufacturing mold, making limited development and delivery time.

2,Cavity and core showing tridimensional molded surface
External and internal shape of plastic parts is directly formed by cavity and core. These complicated tridimensional molded surfaces have larger processing difficulty, especially blind hold molding surface processing. If traditional processing methods are adopted, it not only requires workers with high technical level, many auxiliary tools, but also requires long processing cycle.

3,Professional division of labor, dynamic combination
Mold manufacturing has few batches, generally one piece production. However, mold needs a lot of standard parts, including mold base and centre. All of parts cannot be finished solely by only one manufacturer. Besides, manufacturing technology is complicated. The utilization of common equipment and CNC equipment is imbalanced.

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