TPU/TPE Injection Mould

Smartmoldtech, as a tool maker and plastic moulder, has rich experience in tooling and custom injeciton moudling for TPU/TPE parts.

Typically medical TPU parts or medical TPE parts.

Compared to rigid material tooling, soft parts tooling has high requirements in gate system and mold release and ejection systems.

If gate system doesn’t work well, zig-zag and flashes are wasy to find around gate location.

If mold release construciton is not good, etypically for long shape, the part is very easy to stick to cores.

For your new projects, please send your the STP or IGS files with each part’s requirements for quotation ,we will quote to you ASAP and do our best to support you anytime!

Contact person:Mr.Daniel Huang ,,

Below are some tools trial sampels of TPU  or TPE parts: