Double color ,double base injection mould

  • what is the double color, double base injection mould
         Use two kinds of color or resin to inject to die cavity at the same time or early or late , then be molding to plastic part.

        The advantage 
         1.  Lower the cost : can use two kinds of material or color to molding , so then can reduce the secondary processing required
         2.  Expand the space for part design : combine two kinds of material or color when molding , can reduce the use of inner space ; and also can be more different application , expand the space and variety for part design , such as design the I I I I  molding , reduce the assembling process, which can make the part be waterproof effect , and operational texture also is nice .
         3.  Beautify the appearance : use the different colors and different material  can improve the sense of worth and the sense of touch when using .

       1. Compatibility between two kinds of resin : as they are different resin, the chemical property is different , the compatibility will immediate impact the bonding strength and bonding effect, so should note the compatibility between the resin.
       2.  The shrinkage difference between resin should be small :  if the shrinkage difference is too large,  which will effect the bonding strength , and may be make the part warp .
       3.  The shape of part not suitable be too complex .
      The current technique for double injection  mold
      1.  the common double injection mold
          The general use method for double mold injection ,  the double injection machine has two kinds of plasticizing system and gearing , one common locked mold system , also should have two piece of male mold and female mold . please see the operational theory as below , the cavity of B mold is bigger than A,  and first molding in the A mold , cooling and molding , opening mold after finishing , leave the semi-product on the mold , stubbar drop off automatic ,  then use the system 5 turning mechanism , make the mold turn 180 degree around centre line , and do the second injection . finishing the second injection mold, then finishing demould.
      The cost will higher than general injection mold
      Forming machine must have the turning system or ancillary installation of slide core , must be special forming machine , so the cost is higher than common forming machine
      Forming time should include drop the core or turn the mold , so the forming time will longer than the time for single color forming
      Use the plastic temperature of secondary injection to melting with the plastic at first injection,  so the strength of adjoining plane is worse.  2. Injecting molding by Putting two kinds of resin into one inlet orifice in turn  Property
      (1). Can apply to the thicker part, use the low price plastic , can lower the cost of material , and keep surface tactility but do not affect the whole strength.
      (2). Use the good conductance plastic , can be EML control .
      (3). Do  not need two many mold , then saving the mold cost .
      (4). The injection process is rip into different resin in turn ,  the injection time will be limited .
      (5). High technical ,  the thickness of material and surface will effect the quantity , need higher technical to control the quantity   3. (SCI, Simultaneous Composite Injection Molding)
       The injection molding machine made up of two sets of cylinder barrel and two injection nozzle, injection different color or material synchronous from one die cavity . Property
    Good bonding strength ,  as SCL injecting two kinds of resin synchronous , can bonding in the mold, which make the strength better than others.
    Reduce the molding time ,  as the double injection need turn the mold or alternately injection of cover , need twice molding cycle . but the SCL just need once molding cycle, which can reduce the molding time .

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