Hemodialysis Blood Line components moulds tooling

Smartmoldtech has a long experience of researching, developing and manufacturing quality injection moulds for Hemodialysis blood line components: 

1. Mold for Dialyzer connector(wing shaped) and Dialyzer connector Cap 
2. Mold for Drip chamber & chamber cover 
3. Mold for Blood filer inlay chamber, short and long one 
4. Mold for Injection Port 
5. Mold for pinch clamp: small, medium and large size 
6. Mold for female luer, and luer cap, or called “thread stopper”, it is automatic unscrew mold 
7. Mold for Discharge hook 
8. Mold for spike and spike cover

For all blood line parts, molds are multi-cavity ones, such as 8/16/32… For mold tooling, to keep uniform dimension and tight tolerances is critical for those medical parts. We have advanced EDM, WEDM and mirror EDM etc. tooling equipment to ensure the machining accuracy. 

For mold design and tooling, we fully consider the function of each part and give best solution for gate design, parting line, location and quantity of ejector pins, Radius etc. We lay out efficient cooling lines for core/cavity, stripper plate, insert to ensure short cycle time. 

With years of experience, Smartmoldtech has developed a technical expertise that guarantees customer of efficient production. 
If you are planning to develop blood line, infusion set, Smartmoldtech is your ideal partner of mold tooling.

For your new project, would you like to send your  the STP or IGS files will be best to us for quotation ,we will quote to you ASAP and do our best to support you anytime!

Mr.Daniel Huang | Projects Manager

Smart Tech E Ltd


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