Four Problems of Our Country’s Plastic Mold Industry

Plastic products’ development needs plastic mold’s development. In recent years, automotive, home appliances, office supplies,industrial  appliances and other plastic products is developing very fast.

Compared with foreign advanced level, our plastic mold industry has four problems.

1.The development is unbalanced, the overall level is low.

While some enterprises’ products have reached a quite high level but in general, the precision of the mould, the production cycle, the use life have big gap compared with foreign developed countries.

2.The technology and equipment is backward, the ability of organization and coordination is low

Although some enterprises have improved their technology and equipment, most enterprises are still very backward. Our organization ability is poor, it is very hard to integrate and transfer social resources, and therefore it will be difficult to undertake large projects.

3. The ability of design and research is wake

On one hand, the ratio of technical personnel is low. On the other hand, the investment of scientific research and development is less.

4.Management is backward

The outdated management is easy to see, the backward management is difficult to realize. The gap of mould enterprises’ management is very obvious. The problems cased by management gap are more severe than the problems cased

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Mr.Daniel Huang | Projects Manager

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